LED signs. Dot matrix led signs for text and information.

Clear message, right place, right time.

"Asynchronous" Screens in different formats and range of colors. Lots of applications in many fields.

Pantallas Graficas

Screens to display text and graphical information. Asynchronous technology with power on / off control.

The term "asynchronous" awards are due to empower them to be able to display information without having to be in continuous communication with a data source. In contrast to the "synchronous" screens, which can display video in real time, but they need a continual source of information to display.

They are available in diverse range of formats and colors, both for use on indoor, outdoor and semi-outdoor. Semi-outdoor, refers to one in which the LEDs are bright enough for viewing in high ambient light conditions, but the carcass of the screen is not water resistant and therefore can not be placed in the open.


¿Which information do you want to show?

You can display messages in this formats:

  • Images
  • Text


The programming of the screens is done via a PC and the PixelCom LED software supplied with each screen. Additionally, it is possible to define:

  • Stop time of the message on the screen.
  • Time it takes to make the transition to another message.
  • Type of transition between messages.



  • Exhibitions, conferences, conventions.
  • Sports facilities
  • Ads in shops
  • Waiting rooms of doctors' practices
  • Information on production processes
  • Signaling in loading bays
  • Hotels, bars and restaurants
  • Access control
  • Etc..


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