Full-color LED screens for video and advertising

Multiple applications. Any desired size.

Modularity, high brightness, ruggedness, long life and ease to use are the main features.

Pantallas Graficas

We can provide screens with any specific format, designed to fit any application.

LED Screen

The common features associated with this type of product are its robustness, reliability and long service life. Are not affected by any kind of phenomenon of persistence of image, even showing a still picture for weeks (despite of plasma and LCD screens).

Pantallas Graficas

Control software can display any video and animation of all types (flash format, etc.), text information in various formats, still pictures, etc.. A single control system may be capable of controlling a large number of screens displaying the same information or different information in each one.

The characteristics that best define these screens are as follows:
- Color range
- Spot size

Pantallas Graficas

The simplest ones are the single color units(usually red). In this case the screen has a single color LEDs. The opposite is the case called fullcolor. In this case each point of light, or pixel, is composed of one or several LEDs of each of the primary colors (red, green and blue). If all LEDs on, the resulting mixture of visible light will result in white color. For a screen to be called 'fullcolor', is not only necessary to have LEDs of the three primary colors, it is also necessary to be able to choose the amount of light emitted by each of them at all times in order to create the full range of visible colors.

The second feature relates to point size, also called "pixel pitch". For very large screens, to be seen over long distances, large pitch is chosen , lowering the total number of points and therefore also lowers the cost of the system. INDOOR screens must be seen well over short distances, so small pitch is chosen. The usual range of sizes vary between 3 and 50 millimeters.

Vídeo, información, animaciones


- Many possibilities.
- Customizable size and format.
- Perfect vision even in outdoor.

Pantalla Indoor