Low power LED lighting

High luminic efficiency (up to 80 lm/w).

Lights for street lighting and decoration.

Pantallas Graficas

LED technology has evolved a lot and whenever we find it more present in our midst. In recent years, this technology has advanced so much that can compete with infinite advantages over its competitors veterans, conventional methods of enlightenment.
Innovative, efficient and respectful of the environment, with these adjectives could be summed up this type of lighting.



▼ Low power consuption
▼ High Brightness - 8 times more than traditional bulbs
▼ Long life - up to 50,000 hours, thanks to its onstant current PWM systems.
▼ Robust design - resistant to shock and vibration.
▼ Broad beam of light - Low heat generated / No UV
▼ Easy Installation With anchor-adjustable, easily adaptable to any type of mast.
▼ Economic savings - Reduces cost of installation and maintenance ..
▼ High-Efficiency. Power factor> 90%.


Pantallas Graficas



Very low power Bulbs with LEDs traditional format for decorative applications.

Suitable for decorative purposes.


- 3w Bulbs

- Traditional E27 bush.

- Colors: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green o White.


Pantallas Graficas

- Christmas wreath made by 86 light bulbs. Total consumption of approximately 260W. With incandescent light bulbs of 25W consumption would be 2.150W


Pantallas Graficas