Race lights and digital flag panels for motorsport circuits

Development Project for 2011

Main Start lights, Pit Out & Pit In lights, digital flag panels for track safety and pit lane in horn system.


FIA standing start light sequence.

PíxelCom offers a complete system for light and marshalling signaling to install in any motorsports circuit for a very reasonable price. The system can be easyly integrated in the circuit's data network and all devices can have local control for a fast and easy operation.

Main Features:

- Equipment Long operating life.
- Easy and safety to use systems.
- Low power comsuption.
- Centralized or local control from every marshal point.
- Great safety increase in normal operating days.
- Reduced marshaling staff in many events.

Starting Lights for motorsports

Main lights

Starting LightsFIA style 20 front discs start light system to fullfill any circuit needs. Repeater discs to inform TV, marshall points and public. Implements also FIM procedures for race start.

Includes horn for acoustic warnings and is able to incorporate Time/laps counters and real time clock units attached to main frame.
Also includes "jump start" lights connections for motorbikes and can have local or centralized control from manual console o PC software.

Pit Lane lights

Pit in & pit out lights

Image descriptionPit out lights inform about pit lane exit for vehicles. Two red discs ans one green for pit out open or closed state. It also have three blue flashing discs for pit out traffic warning when vehicles going out the pit to meet faster vehicles at the circuit.

Pixelcom also installs vehicle detection systems for blue discs control at Pit out lights.

Pit in lights control vehicle entrance to pit lane in case of necessity.

LED Panels digital flag marshalling systems

Fully graphical units for flag signaling and more

Starting LightsDifferent sizes and formats to adapt to every circuit needs. Able to show a wide range of flags and also personalized images in some units.

Local control from Marshall posts and also centralized control from race control. Fast and accurate response for safety information during race.

High contrast and brightness for perfect display in every weather conditions.

Starting and pit lights control console

Control main lights and pit out lights

Image description Automatic start procedure for FIA races. Just choose minutes before and the system will perform the rest until start of formation lap. You need to accelerate the procedure? No problem, just select next time and keep on un til formation lap. User can control in every step to change to desired state.

It also allows manual horns control at the main lights unit for grid warnings or procedure steps.

Lights control software

Total and fast control from race control center

Starting LightsControl the whole lights and panels systems from an intuitive and easy to use software. Touch screen adapted for an even easier control.

Allows remote control from third parties (timing) softwares.
Different race track in the same circuit? No problem, set up different layouts/profiles and recover when necessary.

Laps to go / Time to go display

ILED digital display for perfect vision

Image descriptionFeed the system from the timing software for accurate information display.

Automatic display for time or laps to go depending on session set-up.

Place one or more units for racers to obtain accurate session information.

Pit Lane In Horn System

Acoustic warning for vehicles coming into pit lane

Safe detection of vehicles going into the pit lane and horn acoustic warning for people at the pit to avoid dangerous situations. Horns installed along the pit lane for a clear warning.

Minimize accidents at pit lane entry where vehicles can pass.

Control for horn start and horn time to adapt to any circuit pit in layout.