Queue management systems.

One or multiple screens display

Queues Organization and balance for efficient management.

PixelCom offers complete Queue Management systems for every application and field:

Complete management systems. Tailor made designs to fullfill every need. Systems based on wireles communication or TCP/IP.

Control software basic operation mode (as clinic example):

Upon arrival of a patient, select a doctor, medical specialty, consultation or any of the properties defined previously.

QMS LED screen

PixelCom control software manages:

  • Receiving patients
  • Assigning a ticket number.
  • On-screen display Control of the state of the queues.
  • TV display output if requied.
  • Doctor rooms messages control.
QMS Software

Software control parameters:

  1. A list of editable elements (doctors, medica specialties, etc.)
  2. Establishes the relationship between the elements (medical specialties in each room, doctors assigned to a room, etc. ..)
  3. Hours active / inactive resources (open or closed).

QMS Remote control


  • Queue balance for a minimum waiting time.
  • Dynamic ticket number assignament.
  • Tickets printing.
  • Waiting room on screen information display.